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Selected Cephalopod Species

Subclass Ammonoidea (a subclass of extinct cephalopods)
Subclass Coleoidea
Order Belemnoidea
Order Octopoda
Suborder Cirrata (finned octopuses)
Suborder Incirrata
Family Argonautidae
Argonauta sp., Paper Nautiluses
Family Octopodidae
Bathypolypus arcticus
Eneteroctopus dofleini, Giant Pacific Octopus
Octopus briareus, Caribbean reef octopus
Octopus insularis
Octopus macropus (jpg)
Octopus mototi
Octopus vulgaris, Common octopus
Octopus rubescens, Red octopus
Octopus salutii
Hapalochlaena lunulata, a Blue ringed octopus
Family Tremoctopodidae
Tremoctopus violaceus, the Blanket Octopus
Order Sepiida (Cuttlefish)
Family Sepiadariidae
Sepioloidea lineolata, Striped pyjama squid
Family Sepiidae
Metasepia pfefferi, Flamboyant cuttlefish
Sepia apama, Giant cuttlefish
Sepia officinalis, Common cuttlefish
Sepia pharaonis, Pharaoh cuttlefish
Order Sepiolida (little cuttlefish like cephs)
Family Sepiolidae
Euprymna scolopes, Hawaiian bobtail squid
Euprymna tasmanica, Southern Dumpling squid
Heteroteuthis dispar, a deep-sea sepiolid
Rossia pacifica, Stubby squid
Order Teuthida (Squid)
Suborder Myopsina
Family Loliginidae
Loligo forbesi, Veined squid
Loligo opalescens, California Market squid
Loligo pealei, Long-finned squid (at MBL at Woods Hole)
Loligo vulgaris, Common European squid (eggs)
Sepioteuthis sepioidea, Caribbean Reef squid
Suborder Oegopsina
Family Architeuthidae
Architeuthis dux, Giant squid
Family Octopoteuthis
Taningia danae, a deep-sea bioluminescent squid
Family Ommastrephidae
Illex illecebrosus, Short-finned squid
Family Magnapinnidae
Magnapinna, Bigfin Squid/Elbow Squid
Order Vampyromorphida
Family Vampyroteuthidae
Vampyroteuthis infernalis, Deep-sea Vampire squid
Subclass Nautiloidea
Nautilus pompilius, Nautiluses

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