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Upcoming Conferences

CIAC2012 October 27 to November 2, 2012 in Brazil.

Octopus Workshop at the Seattle Aquarium March 17 2012 at the Seattle Aquarium.


Past Conferences

CIAC2009 Vigo, Spain Sept. 3-11, 2009.

3rd International Symposium - Coleoid Cephalopods Through Time The meeting will be from October 8-11, 2008 in the Musée national d'histoire naturelle de Luxembourg.

CIAC2006 - Cephalopod Life-cycles: biology, management and conservation The symposium will be held in Hobart, Australia from Feburary 6-10, 2006

III International Symposium of the Pacific Squids in Lima, Peru from November 28 to December 02 2005.

Coleoid Cephalopods - Present and Past The symposium will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on Sept. 26 - 28, 2005. Cephalopod Convention This popular web site is hosting it's first convention at Monterey Bay, California on August 5-7, 2005.

Coleoid cephalopods through time: neontological approaches to their palaeobiology in the light of the fossil record The symposium washeld at the Free University of Berlin, Germany, Spetember 16 - 19 in2002.

The 2nd International Workshop and Symposium of Pacific Squids was held from November 25 - 29, 2002 at La Paz, northwest Mexico.

The 2003 Cephalopod International Advisory Council's (CIAC) was in Thailand on Feb.17-21 (Monday-Friday). The Symposium theme was Cephalopod Biology, Recuitment and Culture.

Three Workshops were conducted:
1. Systematics of Indo-West Pacific loliginids and octopods.
2. Developing standard for modeling and describing cephalopod growth.
3. Idiosepius: ecology, biology and biogeography of a minimaximalist.

The 27th International Ethological Conference was held in Tuebingen, Germany from August 22-29, 2001. The meeting includeed a symposium ledby Jennifer Mather & Ulrike Griebel on Cephalopods in their world: behaviour and ecology.

The 2001 World Congress of Malacology meeting was held August 19-25 2001, in Vienna, Austria.

The 2001 Squid and Pelagics (fisheries trade) conference was in Morocco on October 21-23.

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