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A Geographical Information System (GIS) atlas of squid distribution in the Southern Ocean.

Ammonites (Neale Monk's site)

Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) WWW Page

Cephalopods at the National Museum of Natural History

   Species Search
   Image Database
   Video Database
   Reference Database
   International Directory of Cephalopod Workers
   Cephalopod Predators Database
   Cephalopod Prey Database

Cephalopod Research Undersea explorer

Daisy Hill Cuttle Farm Richard Ross' site on keeping and breeding cephalopods.

Deep Fried Live with Tako the Octopus

Discovery School lesson plan on Octopus

The Octopus Group Israel

Fossil Coleoidea and Nautiloideainformation by Theo Engeser.

In Search of Giant Squid (Smithsonian)

National Resource Center for Cephalopods (The Galveston Group)

Jimbo's Octopus and Cuttlefish Page by Jedi Master Jim Nieberding

SaltWater Aquarium Cephalopod Links

SIRIS (Smithsonian Institution Research Information System - a cephalopod research database)

Squidfish Commercial and recreational squid fishing but also squid biology, research and some nice recipes. By Glen

The Giant Octopus Web Page Dr. David Scheel

The Octopus Show PBS Nature

The Mollusca Page (old)

The Octopus News Magazine Online (by Tony Morelli)

The Tree of Life - Cephalopoda

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