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CephWorld Announced at the Cephalopod International Advisory Council meeting in Brazil. (Nov 2012).

clutter cleanup (Sept 2012).

New Article Enteroctopus dofleini in Public aquaria; Giant Pacific Octopus Husbandry Manual. Published by the British and Irish Association for Zoos and Aquariums, Regentís Park, London NW1 4RY, United Kingdom. (2011)

New Article Differing sepion morphology of cuttlefish in the Gulf of Aden, supported by ecological diffferences, suggesting that the stocks generally reported as Sepia pharaonis may comprise two separate species. (Nov. 2011)

New Article Mating in Giant Pacific Octopuses (July 4 2010)

The Cephalopod Page has a new Bookstore (May 2010)

New Book: Octopus: The Ocean's Intelligent Invertebrate by Mather, Anderson and Wood. (May 2010)

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